Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Merseyside Weekend

Hey everyone,

So something I did during my last month off from Uni was do a bit of traveling. I did my first real solo trip here (as in traveling the country outside of the southwest), so the family was as bit on edge. I think the reason for that would be they just worry a bit too much about me, but that is what family is for. But I had been planning this weekend for a while, and got a great hotel so it was set, and I was off to Liverpool.

So on the 23rd of January I made my way by train up to Liverpool. I will say that if there is any PSU students looking to make this journey from Plymouth to Liverpool be ready to spend most of your day on a train. I started early in the morning, and I was one of the first people on the train up. Once we set off it wasn't until one one or two thirty in the afternoon till I got off in Birmingham. Quick side note: I did see the Cadbury factory when I was there, and it was cool. But after getting my connecting train and another hour train journey I was finally in Liverpool. It has the feeling of Boston, they were both once hardworking cities, and have made the transition to a more modern city.

It was only a short walk from the train station to the hotel which made things easy to get around. Granted it was really easy to navigate the city once you were out of the train station. Since it was the weekend the city was filled with people, and it was nice to see the atmosphere of the city. I had to walk all the way down to the area around the Albert Dock and the Echo Area to get to my Jury's Inn (Thanks for the hotel Mom!), and for someone who just got here was a stunning area. After checking-in and going around the city, and to find some food.

After a quick stop at a burrito place which wasn't even close to the mexican we are use to back home, I continued to explore the city. I managed to run into Eleanor Rigby on the street...well her statue at least. After being converted into a Beatles fan in high school Eleanor Rigby is one of my favorite Beatles songs, so it was an honor to finally meet her. But the best was still yet to come, as I found myself on Mathew Street. I was overwhelmed with the amount of beatles themed clubs there were, but I did get to see the world famous Cavern Club. On the way back to the hotel I could tell the city still relayed on the tourism from the Beatles, but I needed to get back to get some sleep so I was up early so I wouldn't miss the real reason I came here.

The reason that I came here was to see Tim Howard and Everton take on the Swans of Swansea City. I got up to the Goodison Park early because I wanted to go to see Stanley Park. I was always told that Stanley Park separated Everton's and their crosstown, or in this case cross park rivals Liverpool. It made me realize that this city is crazy about its football (soccer for those Americans reading this).

After seeing the park, I got an Everton scarf and made my way around to get my tickets. Everyone that I talked to asked me where I was from and the second I said the US they asked me, "You came all the way here to see the team play?" Granted they weren't wrong I nodded and told them I did. I got a quick meal after getting the tickets and then I went into the ground.

I was one of the first if not the first to get my seat at the park, and to be honest I wanted to be. I was sitting in a cathedral of football a sport I have fallen in love with, and I was about to see the highest quality of football I had seen yet, as well as finally see Tim Howard play. Soon after the Park filled up and the players and the players came out. Ninety minutes, and three goals later it was Swansea that came away with all three points. I walked out of the park with the pissed off Everton Supporters, with a smile on my face after seeing that match, as well as seeing a young man with Cerebral palsy score at the half and seeing the whole park cheer for the young man. He eventually won goal of the month, and I'll leave a link to the article at the bottom if you want to read about it. But after getting another quick bite I went back to the hotel to get some rest before my early train home.

It was an early day the next day I checked out and I headed to the train station to catch my train. Well waiting for my train I meet a couple from from Leominster, Ma and we started chatting. My favorite part of that conversation was when the woman looked at me and said, "you're the first person we have understood all week!" They got off the train quite a few stations before me and then it was just me on a journey back home to Plymouth. It was late when I got home and right when I was home I passed out. Needless to say it was a great weekend in Liverpool.

So in the future there will be some European city posts when I travel later this year so keep an eye out for those. But I hope your enjoying your week and remember tomorrow is Friday then the weekend, so enjoy the day. Have a great one!


George wins goal of the Month:


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