Saturday, May 21, 2016

Newquay: Britain's Surf City

Hey Everyone,

So last weekend to celebrate my 21st birthday I went to Newquay. I had wanted to get out of Plymouth for a bit to just hang out on the beach, and from what I was told Newquay was the spot to go. So I booked a hostel a few weeks back, and got a 9-pound train ticket and went. This is a quick rundown of what it was like at Britain’s Surf city.

So I got out of my Friday lecture early and with my bag filled with my stuff, and I went down to the train station to catch a train. The first train I went on was your normal train headed down to Penzance, but when I got off at Par to try and get on the train that would take me to Newquay, I realized it was a one-carriage train. But it was the perfect size for the rail journey ahead. It was a short trip from Par, but a scenic one and it kept it up all the way to Newquay.

The second I got off the train I weirdly felt at home because Newquay gave off a Hampton Beach type of vibe. Just a walk thought some of the small; tightly packed streets you could see the beaches and the reason that I had come here. I stood and looked at the beach closest to my hostel, not knowing my hostel would over look the beach, and just took it all in.

But after a bit of just relaxing and thinking wow I cant believe I’m here, I managed to find my hostel. The place was already packed, and I waited in a queue for a good solid 15 minutes. As I stood in the queue ,the place gave off an entirely different vibe to what I though hostel was. The place was covered in surfing magazine covers, and drink deals were on almost every wall you looked at. You could tell the people who stayed here liked to have a good time, and that was my plan. It took me seconds to check in go to my room. I dropped my bag and went down to the bar to get some food.

It was when I was down stairs eating and having a drink did I really notice the view my hostel had. After enjoying that view I went and explored the city for a bit. I eventually made my way over to Fistral Beach. I didn’t stay to long because I knew I would be going back the next day. After getting back to the hostel I had another drink and then just called it an early night. I got a chance to meet all of my roommates who seemed really nice, and they all invited me out with them, but after falling asleep trying to work on a paper there was no way I was able to go out. So shortly after that I managed to fall sleep, and I slept so well for a hostel bed.

The next morning came and after getting showered and dressed I grabbed my daypack and when on an adventure of the city. I had a great breakfast at a restaurant named Ohana, then managed to walk over to see some lovely beaches and cliffs. I feel like I must have walked a few miles to see all the beaches. But the walk was well worth it to see the clear blue water crash up against the rocks creating some of the best beaches I had ever seen. 

I then made my way back to Fistral Beach, which is said to be the home of British surfing. It was such a nice beach but unfortunately the surf was really small, so I didn’t really fell like getting a surfing lesson that day. But as I was walking along the beach there was a ton of boat racing going on. It was really interesting to watch. But after walking for what seemed like miles I made it back to the hostel to work on some more course work and start booking hostels and seat reservations on trains for my journey across Europe.

I managed to get a quick bite to eat, but then I meet up with my roommates Will, Lisa, Emma, Sam, and Anastasiya, and we all meet up at this place called Whiskers to get a drink. We all came from different walks of life so it was amazing to get to meet them all, and enjoy a night out with them. But after some dancing I needed to hit the hay for my early train the next morning.

The next morning I checked out and got a quick breakfast, and waited for a train that never came. It broke down on the tracks. So they sent a bus to grab us and take us to Plymouth. And a short hour later I was back in Britain’s Ocean City. So that was my weekend in Newquay, and I know that I will be back at some point in my life, I’m not sure when but I’ll be back!

So I had more pictures that I wanted to share with you all but due to a computer crash I only could save the two that I have posted on here for you all. But I can’t recommend going to Newquay enough, so I will link my hostel down below so you can have the same experience I had in Britain’s Surf City! But remember to stay safe and enjoy the day!


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