Monday, January 5, 2015


Well whats going on guys. Hope all is well on your end of the spectrum. Well just to give you a slight up date I'm headed down to sunny Florida this morning. I'm leaving the rapidly cooling New England climate to get down to the nice warm shores of Florida.

It seems like every winter break I have made the journey down to Florida. The main reason I go down there is to see my Grandparents on my fathers side and see how things are going down there, and spend some time with other family that's down in that neck of the woods.

But yeah I'm sitting here writing this in Logan Airport in front of some burrito stand and behind a Dunkin Donuts, and traveling even now which is months away from going to England is just getting me even more pumped to go and see what its like. But to be honest I just like the fact that I'm traveling and having the opportunity to travel today is great.

I do like to fly though. I've flown from Boston, and Manchester its been to many times to count. I've flown all over the country, the longest being to Washington State to Seattle. Although I was only there for about four days tis was a great time and got to spend time with my father before he shipped off to Iraq for his second tour which was great. That trip caused me to fall in love with the Seattle area, and why I choose to support the Seattle Sounders in the MLS, but I'll get into that later. But the people you will see flying is something special you will see people from all walks of life, different economic backgrounds, and with different reasons to fly.

So yeah I have another I think two and half hours till my flight so yeah I'm going to search around for something to do instead of sitting in front of burrito stand so you guys have a great day and I'll be writing again soon.

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