Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Beginning of a Journey

Hey everyone, my name it Tucker Moss and if you are reading this your about to embark on an awesome adventure with me. I hopefully will, and by hopefully I mean that I will be studying at Plymouth University in Plymouth, England for my junior year of my undergraduate degree.

Plymouth is a relatively large city of 250,000 people, and it is on the southern coast of England in Devon county. Its about 190 miles away from London, which is about a three hour train ride from what I have been told. Plymouth University has about 26,000-28,000 students and is the tenth largest University in England.

Well I'm writing this I'm new to two things the first writing a blog. To who ever is reading this I want you to understand this blog will cover the events leading up, during and shortly after my trip abroad. I want you to see what my journey is like through my eye's and what the college experience in another country is like. I might not post everyday, but don't think I've forgotten about this I want you the reader to enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying this trip of a lifetime.

Now the second thing that I am new to is well going abroad. I have lived in the United States for nineteen almost twenty years and I have never once leave the boundaries this country. (Well once I went into international waters, but lets be honest with each other that really doesn't count.) This trip with be the first time I have ever left the country. I'm pumped to see what the rest of the world has to offer me and my first stop is studying in Plymouth. 

So since I have never left the country and before I can really go and start the process of getting a visa and applying to Plymouth University to become an exchange student from Plymouth State University I kinda had to get a passport. Honestly in retrospect there wasn't an heartburn over it being difficult or anything like that I was for the most part just the sticker shock I had on the price of a first time passport, but I looked at it this way as it was pay itself off with one stamp when I land at Heathrow.

Its just I found it quite funny when I gave the gentleman that was doing passports all of my information and paid I got this feeling that "wow this is really happening!" I started to think that I am a bit nervous, but I quickly got over that feeling thinking that there is going to be so much to do that I wont have time to get nervous at all.

So I will keep posting to let you know how its going with the process of getting over there and of some things that I'm really looking forward to be doing, or seeing when I'm in plymouth but I hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as I will be doing it.