Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Winter Beginning

Hey Guys,

I know its been a bit since my last up date its just that I have been crazy busy trying to get stuff ready for classes and for my trip to Plymouth.

So I got back to campus early and did some orientation leader stuff, and I cracked a tooth I think in the first 24 hours I was back to school, but it didn't stop me from starting to get myself in gear to get going on the process going.

First things first I had to get a passport and a few days before I came back up here to school mine came back in the mail. I was super pumped about it because this is my first ever passport. I now feel like I can go anywhere I want. I am hopefully planning a trip up to Canada before I head across the pound, but that is a story for another day. But having that passport was the first real step to getting ready for studying in Plymouth.

The second thing that I did when I got back to school was email both my regular class advisor for PSU, and my Study abroad advisor to make sure that I am still on the right path to get to Plymouth at all.

I first meet with my PSU advisor Thomas Guarino to make sure the classes that I can choose would keep me on track to graduate on time here. We went over what specific business classes I should be taking when I'm there and we have two nailed down and a history class as well. There are still some more classes that we need to figure out, so I am planning on meeting with him again to pick some more classes, and to figure out how to get a class to transfer back to PSU that have never been transferred in before, but I think with his help I'll be able to make it work no problem.

Then a few days after I meet with Professor Guarino, I met with my study abroad advisor Thomas Janis who has been helping me through the whole process. We went over how the credits are transferring back as well as where I am going to be living. One of the biggest questions that was brought up was where or not I can stay through the breaks. So I emailed Plymouth University housing to figure out whether I can stay in on campus housing which I hadn't though about it. Thomas has started to get ahold of some of the main people in the international students office started to get the ball rolling.

One of the next things is to fill out the applications. I have the PSU application done and just need to handed in, and the Plymouth University application needs to have a few more tweaks and it should be ready to send off.

So the ball is in motion and things are starting to pick up, and its going to happen fast so I will keep you guys posted.


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