Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Hello Everybody,

So I've been quiet on here the past few days, and that's because well I went back home. Yes, I went back home to the US for a bit to see family, and friends. During my time home I did get to finally see some snow which instantly made me feel at home. And the first thing that I did when I got back to the US was go to Sonic's and get a burger. I missed american hamburgers.

But I came home because in January I got some news that both my step-mother and father would be doing some traveling over the next year, and I won't see them until after they get back from their travels. So I made the decision to fly to the US after I spent some time in Dublin. I felt that I needed to see everyone before we all went our separate ways. But this trip from the beginning felt slightly bittersweet.

I was overjoyed when I landed in Boston from my flight from Dublin, and since I went through customs in Dublin and because of that I got to skip it in Boston. I found Haley and we ended up making our way up to Epping to see everyone. The week went great, I hung out with family, I got a very much needed date night in Boston with Haley, and then I got to have a huge bonfire with the whole family before we all left.

I think it was the night of the bonfire that I finally realized how much family meant to me and what they have given to get me to where I am today. I really am so proud of everyone in the family. I am so proud of the adventures that my Step-Mother, and Father are about to embark on and I wish them the safest journey possible, and the most enjoyable time where they go. I'm so proud of my little sister, and what she has accomplished this year, and what she is going to accomplish in the months to follow, and for once she got a someone by her side that I actually like. So if you're reading this treat her right. Also of Haley for sticking with me through all the BS, stress, and especially my Enactus stuff. I know you're proud but you don't wanna hear about it anymore, and I'll be taking a break from it all when I get home, but for right now you'll still be hearing about it. And finally for all of you who I didn't get a chance to see, thank you for your support over this past year and for the rest of the time that I am there in the UK.

But I know that although we're going to be spread across the globe we'll be supporting each other through it all. Like I said before I wish everyone safe travels and the enjoyment of their trips. I'm proud to be apart of this family and everything that we have accomplished, and what we are going to accomplish over the coming year. I love you guys!

                                          Photo Credit: Haley Hamerstrom (@706Hales)

So I will be off traveling again here soon. I will be filling you all in on that as soon as I can once I've got settled at my next stop. I have just a little bit more traveling before I head back to Plymouth to continue my studies. Then it's just a few more months and I will be traveling Europe and then back home. But till next time stay safe and have fun.



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  3. This is awesome tucker!!! I promise I'll treat her right 😂!