Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Madness in Montpellier

Hey everybody,

Ok so this is going to be kinda a quick post since everything I had planned in Montpellier kinda went to hell and fast. So forgive me if this seems like a really short post, it's because my time in Montpellier though enjoyable, was a tad be worrying and did not go to plan.

So after getting on the train from Paris Gard de Lyon I was off to get to my next destination of Montpellier. The weather instantly began to become sunny and it felt like the Mediterranean which was what I was looking for. The train ride went well, and I was able to manage a conversation with this lovely couple in French with the help of my phrase book and a few words I picked up in Mr. Carrier's study hall when he was grading French work back in high school.

But after about a two and a half hour ride I finally made it to my stop. The Montpellier train station was beautiful but the second I went outside it I was hit with the Mediterranean sun and started to look at the beautiful architecture that was all around the city. It was only a short walk to my hostel, which it was nice to drop my bags. I used that day for getting some work done and getting in contact with everyone. But I knew from the second I got to the hostel I knew something was off.

Ok so there is only one hostel in Montpellier and I highly recommend you don't stay there. The place is basically falling down, the showers have pipes showing, and you genuinely don't feel safe. I didn't feel safe, so before I did anything the next day I booked a hotel about a mile away from the hostel. I think it was for the best!

After checking in to the new digs I tried to make the best of a bad situation, and I went and explored the city. I went to this beautiful part of the city and saw this area where you can see almost all of the city from. And when I was there, there was a little flee market going on. I ended up walking around the flee market until I found this food vender. I managed to get a Croce madam in France, so I think I did that right. But after walking for over 6 miles that day I went back to the hotel and when to bed early.

The next day I had something planned which was the reason that I came to Montpellier. I had a wine tour all booked, but come the day of the tour I found out it was canceled due to low booking turnout. I was a bit upset about that because I really wanted to step foot on a French winery, but I guess on this trip it wasn't met to be. So I went back into town to see some things that I might have missed. It was a beautiful day and I just walked around. The pickpockets were out in full force getting ready for Euros in a few days to take advantage of the Italian and Swiss fans that would come to watch their national team play.

But after another few miles of walking around I called it early and got a good full night's rest for the next day. Because the next day was the day I would head to the home of Messi and Company, Barcelona.

I hope you are all liking this posts. I'm doing my best to give you the best content that I can through this media. But I will have more travel posts to come! So remember to stay safe and have fun!


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