Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sunny Barcelona

Hey everyone,

So this post will be part of the double post day because I want to get caught up a bit on where I have been. So since I last left off I was in Montpellier, and I was heading to the home of the Camp Nou, Barcelona.

My journey to Barcelona started a bit later than I wanted due to the French rail strikes. So after my train getting delayed an hour I finally got on a train that would take me into Spain and into Barcelona. The train ride was nice, but because the rail strike was still going on everyone was just fighting for a seat even if they didn’t have a ticket. About half way through the train I had some French guy start to lose his mind since he though I was in his seat. I wasn’t. But I moved to just make things easier. It was a move for the better since I got a chance to meet three lads from Denmark that were on their way to Barcelona as well.

After getting a chance to meet them and to speak with them, we all managed to get off the train into the city in one piece. I hope they enjoyed the days of the beach that they were most looking forward to. After I got out of the train station I made a beeline for the Hostel. I hoped it was better than my one in Montpellier, and I had my head on a swivel for the Barcelona Pickpockets I have read so much about.

I checking into my hostel with no problem, and managed to not get lost looking for the hostel. I was able to get some much-needed laundry done first thing there. I took the night really slow, because I wanted to catch up on sleep and send off some emails. I think that to date the pillow in that hostel was probably the best pillow I have seen in a hostel.

But the next morning came, and after a free breakfast I went out to see one of the things I have wanted to see since I started planning this trip, which is the Camp Nou. For my American readers who don’t follow football (soccer), the Camp Nou is the stadium where FC Barcelona plays which is one of the biggest football clubs, if not the biggest, in the world. I went through the clubs museum and saw UEFA Champions League Trophies, Ballon’dor’s, Golden Boots, FIFA Club World Cup trophies, La Liga, and Copa Del Ray trophies. I felt at home there, and after that I sat in one of the belcher seats, and just imagined Messi, and the rest of the squad playing the beautiful game.

So after I stopped being a five year-old fan boy, I left the Camp Nou, and headed to my next stop on the first day, which was the Sagrada Familia. This was a church that was designed in 1800’s and started construction in 1882, but still to this day isn’t finished. They say it will be finished in 2026, but we’ll see about that. I will say though, it is something that everyone needs to see at least once in their life the building was beautiful.

I then wandered back to the hostel to get a water, and went back out and saw the area of Barcelona where they hosted the 1992 Olympics. I had never been to a city that has ever hosted an Olympic games so it was awesome to see it first hand. But after that I went back to the hostel and called it a night. I walked everywhere, because for some reason when I was in Barcelona I decided not to take the metro. After the fact I think I really should have because my legs still hurt from that.

So after a good night sleep and a late start I wanted to walk down and see La Rambla, and go to the beach. I ended up going to the beach for the most part of the day, but I forgot one key thing. Sunscreen. So when I got back from the beach I looked like a cooked lobster. However I got a glass of Sangria from one of the beach bars that overlooked the mediterranean. That made my day. But then I adventured off to La Rambla. I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the market street. I actually ended up finding a Dunkin’ Donuts in Barcelona, which was awesome, but it was in front of one of the biggest markets in the city called La Boqueria, I suggest it for any of you who are going to visit the city in the future. I will warn you your senses will get attacked.

That was the last thing I did that day, so after not getting any sleep that night I managed to make my way out to see the city on my last full day. I went to a Palace (Parc de Pedralbes) that they turned into a music venue, but I found that it was the only place that was flying the Spanish flag. The people of Barcelona fly the flag of the region, Catalonia. The regional pride made me proud to call myself an New Englander, and I will be flying the New England flag more when I get back to the states.

But after that I went to the Park Guell. I was unable to get in because I guess they weren’t letting anyone in the park till after 8:30 pm. So I walked around the free area, and managed to see a beautiful view of the city. That view mixed with the friendliness of the people there, makes Barcelona a place I want to come back in the future.

But after my adventures all over the city, the next morning came and I got ready to go to my next city, the home of Los Blanco’s, Madrid. I managed to get on my train to Madrid in one piece and I got ready to see the Spanish capital.

I thought it might have been a lot to post two posts in the same day, but I wanted you all to get caught up on my euro trip so far. I will continue to post soon. Keep your eyes posted for a Madrid post later this week, and I fly to my next destination. But until then remember to stay safe and have fun!


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