Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm here!

Hey everyone,

So after a long what seemed like two days of travel due to the time difference I've finally made it to Plymouth, England! It was extremely stressful and I still feel drained from the trip but it was worth it. So I started out on a flight from Logan International Airport to Halifax International Airport up in Halifax, Canada. My flight was delayed about a half an-hour due to some weather that had moved in when I was in Boston, so that made getting to my connecting flight a bit stressful. I had to get off my plane, to go through customs (got my first stamp in my passport though), get my luggage to get it on another conveyor belt to get it to my other connecting flight. I then had to go back through security, which I had never taken my shoes off so fast in my life. I then ran through the Halifax airport and I ended up catching my flight by about ten minutes before it left.

 That's when it really hit me "I'm on the way to England!", and I can't tell you how big the grin was on my face. I had a TV on that flight and saw Furious Seven before it came on DVD in the states. And I don't know why every comedian has to crack a joke about airplane food because it wasn't bad at all, well the breakfast was good. During breakfast I got a chance to talk to the women next to me, who just by chance was on her way to Plymouth Uni as well, and we got to talk about that.
I got off the plane about ten UK time and I was to happy to realize that it was it was five back home. It took forever to get through customs because of the amount of non-EU passport holders that were going through at that moment. I got through and went to terminal 3 to meet the Plymouth Uni students that were going to get me on my shuttle down to plymouth. I ended up having to wait, so me and a friend from the states, James, went and got some food, and I had real Guinness for the first time. I don't know if I'll be able to drink it in the states because it tastes so much better here.

After that we got on the shuttle, and started a five hour shuttle ride where I meet a few more people, of which was Jacob from Sweden, and Terezka from Czech Republic. But we all were stuck on that five hour shuttle ride so we slept, and tried to get to know each other. The whole ride I was just amazed at how beautiful the countryside in the UK is.
 But we made it here safe and sound. James and Jacob when out to the club that night, I on the other hand opted to stay in un-pack and most importantly sleep. The first night was a bit rough not being home, but it got a lot better. I did a ton of shopping last night and got enrolled and collected my BPR, all the usual stuff an international student needs to do. I finally got to see Plymouth Uni in the daylight and the pictures online don't do it justice.

Well guys I'll keep you all posted on what's going later this week. I just wanted to update you all on how I'm doing. So I'll talk to you all later this week!


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  1. Hi Tucker....Good luck, I know you will do very well. Keep us posted...Gpa